Spring Trend: How to Wear Fringe

Fringe has come along way since its first mainstream look on your everyday cowboy who sported some sweet chaps; it is now a staple for your wardrobe this spring. The 70’s are definitely in full swing, but instead of drowning in a full fringe outfit while simultaneously looking like your going to western themed costume party, there are a few easy ways to incorporate tassel inspired statement pieces  into your wardrobe that will keep you on trend.

Fringe Shoes

Fringe is all the rage in shoe stores everywhere, from cute spring booties to strappy sandals. A little side or front fringe will go along way  in accentuating your shoe. Plus you can stay extra trendy and buy a suede pair to go along with the 70’s  fringe.

Fringe Skirt54c03af650fa8_-_hbz-fringe-trend-kerry-1

Another fun piece to mix into your spring wardrobe is a fringe skirt. Anything from a fringe layered mini to a pencil skirt that reveals skin from the knee down, in the form of fringe of course. Varieties are endless in the skirt department, and any color will do. Added perk: fringe swaying in the wind while you walk somehow makes you feel outrageously amazing. Image from Harpersbazaar.com

Fringe Purse

If your not into wearing the fringe but you still wanna stay on trend, sticking with a simple purse that has fringe accents will work wonders. Plus suede fringe bags come in array of colors, to add a pop of color to any spring outfit.