Are Leggings Considered Pants?

A recent debate in the fashion world is whether leggings are considered pants or not. From arguments on fashion websites or even Facebook pages that are trying to ban the use of them, a lot of people are feeling pretty emotional about the subject. They are deemed unprofessional and sloppy looking and even celebrities are criticized for wearing them.

Pants, as a definition is, “an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle —usually used in plural” (Merriam-Webster). So therefore leggings must be considering pants, although they do sometimes come in Capri form. Even since they are tight, they still fit the definition, because after all, a tight shirt is still in fact a shirt.

They are a very comfortable alternative to pants, if you wear them under the right circumstances. Whether you’re going to class or to the gym, or even running errands, it is appropriate so wear them. They are comfortable enough to sit in for hours on end and pair well with most things; they even come in a variety of patterns and colors, but it’s usually better to just stick to a solid black or gray.

Leggings are still very inappropriate to wear somewhere professional. No one should ever be caught wearing them to a job interview or somewhere else where impressing would be done. They might make your butt look good, but that’s isn’t what will be getting you a job.

So in all, they should be a staple in every college girl’s closet, unless they’re see-through of course. Although these are a great essential item, try not to wear them every day, and please for everyone’s sake, try to stay away from ones that are the same color as your skin tone.

Here are some ways to wear them the right way: