How to get the Perfect Selfie (Célfie)

Todays “trend” of the selfie has had a huge impact on how we take pictures and who knows how long they will be here, so why not learn to perfect them so long as they still exist! There are key rules to achieving the “perfect” selfie and here is where you will find them. These tips might just be what you need to catch the eye that cute boy on Instagram who you play “like tag” with (note: like tag is when you like a person’s picture on Instagram and they like yours back and so on until you get each others number… and then fall in love). So let’s get started! Tip one of taking the perfect selfie is SUN. To obtain the best selfie possible avoid artificial lighting, your light source should be above eye level, anything below that will result in an unnatural and unflattering look (YIKES). The preferable time to use natural lighting is around sunrise or sunset; it leaves you with a red warm glow that compliments any complexion.

Our second tip is to find the right angles that compliment your face the best. Holding your phone or camera of choice above eye level results in a slimmer jaw line, but not to high, doing so results in an elongated nose, enlarged forehead and zeroing in on those pesky eye bags (Don’t worry, staying up and watching 90210 on Netflix until an un-godly time was SO worth it last night). If you cannot find the perfect angle, why not create them by contouring. Contouring is the art of shading and highlighting to bring out or lessen features). When contouring you should focus right below your cheeks, towards your temples and ears for the most successful and flawless look. The third tip to taking that perfect selfie is ditching the filters! You don’t need to add 1930’s Dust Bowl to your selfie in order to create that look you have been searching for. The piece de resistance to the ultimate selfie is … practice! Who would have thought that the old saying “practice makes perfect” would apply to my daily instagram post? Well, anyway, I hope these tips have helped any of you ladies out there searching for that perfect “recipe” for the perfect selfie.

A trendy teen sporting a célfie t-shirt