Makeup Secrets You Will Never Forget

Ever wanted to know makeup tricks that can change the way you put on makeup forever? Well today is your lucky day because I am here to share with you 8 makeup tricks that you will love to use! I will show you different tricks that can make your eyes pop and your face looking fab.

First lets show you how to make your eyes pop! You should always begin with concealer, but not just a strip under your eye but a triangle. You should start by putting a line under your eye then two lines forming a triangle that go all the way down to wear your nose is. This will make your eyes a lot brighter!



Another eye trick is if you like to put on bottom eyeliner, you should never put it on your water line, but right underneath it! Also to make your eye look bigger and brighter add a beige or white eyeliner on your waterline.

eye trick


When putting on eye shadow to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful you want to add a very light color or highlight to your inner part of your lid were your tear duct is and also on your eyebrow line tight under your eyebrow.

simmer eye trick


Ever want the perfect wing on your eye, but always mess up somehow? Well here is a tick that will make you always get that perfect wing! The items you will need is tape, and a liquid foam eyeliner pen. First you will start by applying the tape to the preferred angle you want the wing to be, than apply the liquid eyeliner however big or small you want it. Then, there you have it, the perfect wing!

wng trick


Now onto face makeup tricks to make your skin looking flawless and highlighting all of you beautiful features. First, as a said before start with concealer, but now apply it to the corners of your lips and corners of your nose to get the redness away from these spots and make your face look complete without anything else on!

concealer trick


Another facial tip is contouring. This technique highlights and defines your best features on your face. There are many ways to do this, there is just a simple way that I will show you and then there is a more personalized way of doing it, by finding the shape of your face and contouring it to that specific shape. The more simple way is by using bronzer and a highlighter to frame your face. You put the bronzer right under your cheekbone, the sides of your nose, the tip of your nose, and around the edge of your forehead. Then you apply the highlighter on your cheekbone, sides of your mouth, your chin, the top of your nose, and middle of your forehead.



When applying lipstick you always want it to stay on longer, well here is a way that can help your lips stay on for hours! First, clean off your lips to make sure nothing is on them, like dry skin or excess makeup. Then, apply a little bit clear chapstick to add moisture to your lips. After that is done use a makeup sponge or your finger to spread around the clear chapstick. Use a beige eyeliner or a lipliner pencil to shape the outer side of your lips. This will prevent leaking from the lipstick. Then apply the lipliner pencil that you want to use with your lipstick. After that is done you may apply the color you want on your lips. Lastly, gently place a tissue over your lips and dab clear powder into the tissue to get on your lips!

lips trick


The last trick I am going to tell you is about eyebrows. Eyebrows are one of the most important elements that makeup your face, so why not make them look perfect! An important tip is to make sure you use a powder and not a pencil because the powder makes them more natural looking. First, you want tweeze them to get any unwanted hair, then start by drawing a line on the bottom of your eyebrow. Make sure you are going in the shape of your eyebrows. Then draw a line above to in the shape of your brow. Lastly, blend and fill your eyebrows in, than BAM perfect eyebrows. (Always use an angled brush when applying powder)

eyebrows trick


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