Review: Coconut Oil

The coconut is among the world’s most versatile fruit, or the more technical term, drupe. A quick google search, will show you upwards of a hundred different ways to utilize coconut in your everyday life. While sipping on its water for hydration purposes and cooking with it in the kitchen are great, using coconut oil directly on your body is currently becoming the biggest thing. As a woman who has been coconut oils biggest fan for the last year, I am thrilled its many uses are catching on among people everywhere, but it is important to know which uses are worth trying.

When starting your journey, choosing the right kind of coconut oil is most important(if you raid kitchen like it did be sure to check the label). An organic unrefined coconut oil is your best bet, to get all the benefits; it is the most pure kind. As far as the benefits go, the options are almost limitless. But a general guideline to follow is basically if at any time you feel any part of your body is slightly dry and lifeless just rub some coconut oil on it.

After trying many brands of coconut oil, I recommend Dr. Bronner’s Magic “ALL-ONE!” for skin care; especially for use on your face. Those who frequently use coconut oil swear by its health benefits on acne prone skin, although it is not recommended for severe cases, those with the occasional  hormonal breakout can really benefit. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and moisturizing so its seemingly the perfect thing to wash your face with. Plus those of you who, like me, truly believe that mainstream acne-stopping-face washes are the reason you still have breakouts will be settled by its au-natural appeal.

Washing you face with coconut oil may seem strange at first and if common sense is not your first language, you may find yourself in the impossible act of rubbing your face with water and oil; plus the added effect of black mascara running down oil stricken checks. But the point of washing your face with coconut oil is to not write off your usual cleanser but instead use them together; otherwise known as double cleansing. its important to thoroughly clean you face first then massage the oil into your skin, slightly rinse and pat dry leaving some on your skin.

At first, it may seem strange to have an oily residue on your skin after washing you face but it will take the place of your daily moisturizer and yes eventually it does dry. After a few weeks of this daily routine, I did notice a change in the amount of breakouts I had weekly, as well as a change in my skins overall appearance. As far as moisture goes, and the coconut oil wash pretty much brought all the life back into my skin especially after a harsh winter. It also faded acne marks, and healed existing pimples quicker than normal. While I still do have some breakouts, my skin is much better than usual, and I am much happier sticking to a natural option rather than drowning in mainstream acne washes than strip your skin of its natural oils. Coconut oil is really an all-in- one product, that is worth every penny. 

organic-coconutoil-whole-14oz_2Image from Dr.

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